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Stockists of surf and dive equipment, apparel and accessories (scroll down for more...)
Models change every year/season. Enquire, what models we have or can get.
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Diving Suits
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billabong jacket
billabong vanity bag
billabong bikini
billabong lsshirt
billabong hood
billabong boardshorts
billabong hats
billabong slops
billabong belt
billabong socks
billabong wallet
billabong jewelry
billabong backpack
element tshits
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fox tshits
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fox jacket
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fox slops
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hurley tshits
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oakley tshits
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oakley sunglasses
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oneill boardshorts
oneill hats
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ripcurl vests
ripcurl vanity bag
ripcurl bikini
ripcurl lsshirt
ripcurl hood
ripcurl boardshorts
ripcurl hats
ripcurl slops
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ripcurl wallet
ripcurl watch
ripcurl backpack
rvca tshits
rvca vests
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volcom backpack
lundun sunnies
ocean_minded sandals
reef sandals
reef sandals
vonzipper sunglasses

about walker bay surf & sport

Walker Bay Surf Shop, named after the magnificent bay the coastal town of Hermanus overlooks, opened its doors in 1993.

The unassuming 10m² store was originally set up to service a small core of local surfers, offering them everything they might need to fuel their passion for the sport.

A few years later, body boarding as a sport took off, making riding a wave accessible to people of all ages. Holidaymakers found it to be a quick and easy to master skill that took them into the Atlantic Ocean where there were plenty of waves to ride.

The shop grew rapidly to meet this new demand, expanding to the existing 95m² store in Harbour Road

Ian & Elaine Gibson take great pride in their store and with the help of their two teenagers Hylton and Chelsea, they source the best and most fashionable surf clothing and gear available. As the head honcho, Ian makes sure that the shop carries the widest range of wetsuits, boards and accessories available locally.

All four Gibbo's work in the shop backed up by the rest of the crew who have been with the shop for many years. All staff are very knowledgeable and keen to help customers of all ages.

With our new website we are showcasing the different brands and products you can find in our store. If a supplier has it on their website, we will try to get it in store for you.

Pull in for a look and enjoy a cool shopping experience.

Rentals / Surf School

  • Surfboards, body boards, wetsuits and fins for rent
  • Surfboards: R150 p/d
  • Body boards: R75 p/d
  • Surf fins: R25 p/d
  • 2mm Spring Suites: R50.00 p/d
  • 3mm Full Steamers: R75.00 p/d
  • ID or passport required as deposit / collateral.
  • Rent period is per day ie. 9am - 4:45pm.
  • Special rate for longer periods.
  • No half days.
* We run a summer holiday surf school at the local Hermanus breaks. Find us on Voelklip / Grotto beach or contact us for more details.

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Shop 12 Warrington Place, Harbour Road, Hermanus
Call us today! +27 (28) 312 2893